the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”  – Marcel Proust.

Mineral exploration, discovery and mining is pathway involving lots of science and engineering and luck. I have visited many countries and seen a lot of rocks and most importantly mineralised rocks. In my Blog I share my passion for exploration and try to remove some of the mystery.  You may stumble across some insights and interesting ideas embedded in my observations.  If not I hope you still enjoy the stories and the magpie’s snippets of information.

Irus Consulting provides strategic and practical management advice and guidance to its clients. Time is a precious commodity. It ebbs away relentlessly for us all. Life is too short so I try as best I can to avoid the mediocre. I like quality exploration projects with passionate champions which together make the extraordinary possible. It requires belief and persistence and some magical realism combined with noodles of luck.  What a curious investment proposition?

Irus Services Include:

  • High-level strategic advice
  • Practical guidance and assistance on project sourcing, acquisition and implementation
  • Rapid identification of key project value-drivers and potential fatal flaws.
  •  Capacity building and coordination of  external consultants.
  • Design and targeting of effective marketing campaigns


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Auld Lang Syne

The year passed as a first draft, no rewrites just like life itself.  Some parts are good when the juices flowed, some parts could have been better and some so bad you find it hard to recognise it as your own.   But there is no re write. No Flaubert obsessing over Madame Bovary here. It […]

Snaring the Monster

Are we running out of metals?  Peak metal?  Like peak-oil it might seem as Mark Twain remarked that “the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”.  My view is that we  must do something soon or we will be past the tipping point.  Another view is that we have plenty of metals to sustain our […]

The Simpsons “Come Back Zinc”

Almost 89 percent of LME zinc inventory  is in a New Orleans warehousing complex.  What should not be surprising for a Big Easy location is that the facility is partly below sea level.  That chunk of zinc represents a staggering 50 per cent of current global zinc inventories. What happens when there is a hurricane? Why would […]