Hola Andalucía

I will be away for the next couple of weeks in Andalucía.  I hope to wind my way up from the coast and get up to the pueblo blanco of Ronda again and to stroll in the shadow of Hemingway but this time not in the early afternoon heat when all sensible people are enjoying … Read more

Namibia and the patience of Job

It was good to finally see a private equity investment in a development zinc project announced this morning.  Greenstone Resources LP announced a $12 million dollar equity investment in North River Resources plc to reopen the old Namib Mine in Namibia.  It is a well structured investment but it is a drip feed of funds … Read more

China’s shifting taste for metals

In April the global economic report of the International Monetary Fund said that China’s hunger for commodities is far from being satisfied any time soon.  Most importantly it said that demand is likely to switch from and emphasis on iron ore and copper toward higher value commodities such as zinc.  Maybe this is because zinc … Read more