About a frog, a broken conveyor belt and some old zinc discoveries

Tipping points or inflection points are curious phenomena to those inhabiting a linear world. The familiar anecdote of the frog in cold water is part of this linear world where he gets boiled alive if you very gently heat the water so that the rise in temperature is so gradual that the little amphibian does […]

The Bridge Builder – Europe’s decaying infrastructure

The Bridge Builder   An old man going a lone highway Came in the evening, cold and gray, To a chasm vast, both deep and wide. The old man crossed in the twilight dim; The swollen stream was as naught to him; But he stopped when safe on the farther side And built a bridge […]

Chinese sovereign demand for gold – some interesting metrics

I mentioned in my last blog before Christmas that the US has just over 8,000 tonnes of gold representing 26 tonnes for every one million Americans and the Chinese have just over 1.000 tonnes of gold in reserves representing just one tonne of gold per every one million of its population. I was intrigued therefore […]