Tea leaves and the God of small things.

There is a whole industry of research. It is a hive of probing and prediction. It does not produce much except prophesy. It does have entertainment value of sorts. A lot of buzzing prophesies but not much honey. It is a land of hubris and self importance because nobody wants to listen to the meek and … Read more

An eruption of possibility

This grab sample – see blog photo – was taken in 2009 from near the old Annagh lead mine just a kilometre north of Castlemaine in County Kerry. It assayed 51% zinc. We believe that it is not a meteorite. We see it as an eruption of possibility.  A clue to what may lie beneath.  But zinc … Read more

Facebook or the Big Miners?

The market capitalisation of the six biggest gold miners combined is US$32 billion or the same as LinkedIn. The market capitalisations of BHP, Rio Tinto, Anglo American, Glencore and Vale combined is now only US$211 billion. The market capitalisation of Facebook is a cool US$308 billion.  Commodities have a finite supply which should support price. But … Read more