Ziggy, Poker and Bellwethers

Ground control to Major Tom. You’ve really made the grade. Globally, how long does an average buyer hold his stock? Circuit breakers kicked in to stop the avalanche of selling on the Chinese stock market. Traders left with nothing to do just played cards on the trade-floor of the Chinese Stock Exchange. Is this a […]

Of Swallows, Magpies and Canaries

My last blog of 2015!  I know it has been a while.  It has been a busy time trying to start up a new private zinc company (G11) in the worst of times and the best of times.  I have waffled a lot about zinc during 2015 so it seems apt that I end the […]

Tea leaves and the God of small things.

There is a whole industry of research. It is a hive of probing and prediction. It does not produce much except prophesy. It does have entertainment value of sorts. A lot of buzzing prophesies but not much honey. It is a land of hubris and self importance because nobody wants to listen to the meek and […]

An eruption of possibility

This grab sample – see blog photo – was taken in 2009 from near the old Annagh lead mine just a kilometre north of Castlemaine in County Kerry. It assayed 51% zinc. We believe that it is not a meteorite. We see it as an eruption of possibility.  A clue to what may lie beneath.  But zinc […]

Facebook or the Big Miners?

The market capitalisation of the six biggest gold miners combined is US$32 billion or the same as LinkedIn. The market capitalisations of BHP, Rio Tinto, Anglo American, Glencore and Vale combined is now only US$211 billion. The market capitalisation of Facebook is a cool US$308 billion.  Commodities have a finite supply which should support price. But […]

The Richest Square Mile in Africa – Part II

Randgold’s investment in AngloGold Ashanti’s Obuasi gold mine is worth watching. Mark Bristow must move because he sees beauty in this old lady. A new team with fresh eyes and hopefully starting a new chapter in the long history of this wonderful gold mine which just keeps on giving. It is such an extraordinary gold […]

The richest square mile in Africa – Part I

The richest gold mine in Africa is off life support. And some life it has been at Ashanti’s Obuasi gold mine in Ghana. All 118 years of production spanning two world wars. Mines like most worthwhile endeavours in life need champions to make them work.  Mark Bristow, Randgold’s CEO is the latest champion to be […]

Shaken but not stirred

Just a short note. I have been quite busy. I am researching the back story around Africa’s richest and longest producing goldmine. I first visited this gold mine in 1990. I have ordered a book from Amazon on the life of Tiny Rowland. That should be a clue. The price was a penny. It will […]

Deflation is killing the mining industry

Sometimes sitting in a train as it glides away from the station it seems as if the platform is moving. The train seems to be motionless. It is an illusion. Metal prices are down against the US dollar. Or is it that the dollar is getting stronger? Demand supply fundamentals back commodity prices. The dollar […]

Cliffs and Fault Lines

I headed west and north across Ireland in July for a few days with my son Ivor. It was a golf expedition as we do not fish or hunt. Ivor wanted badly  to visit Sliabh Liag or Slieve League in English. Sliabh Liag is a mountain on the northwest coast along the Wild Atlantic Way of […]