Mandingo Gold

There are very few places left in the world where a prospecting geologist can come across a gold mining camp with over nine thousand hand-dug pits.  A gold mineralising system which has never been drilled!  That is the singular experience I had on the 16th of April 2010 and one I  never expect to forget.  As usual […]

Revisiting the biggest gold swindle in history

Epithermal or Ephemeral? In March 1997 rumours that Bre-X had apparently not discovered gold at Busang in Indonesia staggered the markets.  The downward spiral began on March 18th as reports swept the world that Bre-X geologist Michael de Guzman was missing in the Borneo jungle and presumed dead after falling 240 metres from a helicopter […]

Is Gold Mining on a Relentless Trend within a Pernicious Cycle?

We will eventually come though this smothering grasp of the bear when good projects struggle for support and we will move quickly into a bull-run when even the dogs attract hot money.  It is the natural cycle of things just as sure as season follows season.  …… and something strange is starting to happen which suggests to […]

What has the gold price got to do with the zinc price?

Zinc now accounts for only 30 percent of revenue from “Zinc” mines, that is zinc mines in the broadest sense, as polymetallic deposits become proportionally a more important source of zinc and contributor to zinc production.  In some of many of these precious metal dominant polymetallic mines zinc is often not much more than a by-product and will be produced […]