Over the Top

Walked the challenging Napoleon Route over the Pyrenees and down into Roncesvalles, a distance of 28 kilometres and rising over 1 200 metres through the Col de Lepoder from Saint Jean Pied de Port.
We left in a soupy fog at 7.20am. It was around 3 degrees C and we arrived in Roncevalles at 4.30pm with just three breaks for drinks and a picnic.

Apparently 500 pilgrims came over the mountain today above the nornal 300. Probably a combination of posponed ascents due to the horrible weather on Thursday and a very large presence of pilgrims from Korea.
Anyway today was exhausting but exhilirating. The pictures tell the story.
Buen Camino

No beds for the night in the large municipal Auberge in Roncevalle.
Finally we got lodging in a small village further along beyond Burgette about seven kilometres from Roncevalles.

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