Irus Consulting Limited is a strategic economic geological management consultancy. We can guide through discovery and making a mine. This guidance comes from almost 30 years international experience and a track record of success.

Irus Services Include:

  • High-level strategic  advisory
  • Guidance and assistance on project sourcing, acquisition and implementation
  • Rapid identification of key project value-drivers and potential fatal flaws – (SWOT Analysis).
  • Core-team leadership, capacity building and motivation combined with effective management and coordination of  external consultants.
  • Effective distillation of the core investment arguement for your project.
  • Access to an extensive resource-sector network

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The Opportunity

The exploration and discovery of natural metal deposits is a very challenging and multi-disciplinary endeavour particularly for potentially high-growth, Junior Companies,  but there is also high-risk.  The challenge spans the full spectrum of project development from sourcing and acquisition of projects through discovery and resource building through to preliminary economic assessments and feasibility studies and permitting.

Many vested interests and stakeholders are involved, from exploration geologists and investors at the outset, to specialist consultants and later on of course the government, local communities and NGO’s all along the way.  Financing is the oxygen of exploration and therefore required every step of the way and so potent communication is vital.  Project milestones must be met to meet expectations so as not to frustrate investors into losing patience.  Consultants need to be effectively managed and tightly coordinated.  It can be a lonely place for executive management and it is often not just about doing the thing right but asking are you doing the right thing?  Are you looking for the right commodity in the right place not just geologically but from a sovereign risk perspective?  Have you fallen in love with the project when the cold eye of analysis suggests it is time to quit?  Should such a small company be involved with something so potentially big given the Capex and infrastructure required?

I believe that Juniors should stick to projects where ultimately there is a high-value to weight ratio for the product which leaves the mine.   I also like simple uncomplicated markets for the end product.  For the reasons above I particularly like Juniors that produce gold doré and SX-EX copper.

The Investment

The lay or general retail investor in the sector relies on independent analysis to navigate through a territory of rugged terrain, wild animals and few signposts.  There has been the odd ten- bagger or greater and the odds of major success do seem high but doing simple things right can reduce the odds even more. There has been an ocean of capital drained away on the dreams and aspirations of the convincing champions of exploration and mining projects.  But promoters will do what they do best so investor beware and do your own homework and rely on independent mining analysts to weed out the wheat from the chaff or the stars from the dogs.

Clearly the carnage suggests that private or institutional investors need to either abandon this high-growth sector or build capacity and competent mining analysis, as the gatekeepers of quality, are difficult to find and in most cases are very short on practical experience.

If my view of the world sounds familiar and you see a need for my services please don’t hesitate to contact me.