The Old Man from Japan

SATURDAY 4TH May – My time is done here for now. My Camino finishes in Burgos. But first I have to walk from the aubergue at San Juan de Ortega. That freezing dark medieval dungeon. I felt my relying on my body heat in my bed- liner and sleeping bag that I would never reheat the core of my body again. Now I know a little of what it is to be a monk and walk barefoot in sandals to Burgos! The head wind is strong this morning but rain from low scudding clouds holds off. The trail is aong the road or hugs the main road to Agés where I have breakfast of coffee, orange juice and carrot cake. Then on to Atapuerca before rising over a steep stony hill with a big cross called Cruz da Matagrande ar 1,100 metres on top of a hill. It was on the ascent that I passed an old Japanese man.

The word is that he has walked many caminos aroud the world and was even up on Everest!  The way now descended to the plain and along the road through two villages before a boring detour around the airport to avoid an even more boring route through an industrial sector.At 20km and at Castańares we stopped in a bar and had a beer and ordered a taxi to take us the last six kilometres to the Hotel Norte y Londres in the old quarter of Burgos about 500 metres from the Cathedral.

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