Zubiri Through Paleogene Karst

Walked 15.3 kilometres from the Albergue in Epinal to Zubiri. A relatively short stage and I reached Albergue Ezpeleku at about 2.30pm. It was €14 for the night just for a bed. The last few kilometres were very steep down along exposed limstone strata and rubble. You had to keep concentrated and there was strain especially on the knees. Super Menu del Dia for Peregrinos at just €17.  Got some hand washing laundrey done to keep up to date. Weather beautiful crisp and clear with blue skies.

The room I was assigned had wo metal bunks. Shared with two German guys in their 30’s, Johannes and Konstantine whom I met and walked with on the way and also a middle aged Taiwanese lady who left at 5.20am next morning.

2 thoughts on “Zubiri Through Paleogene Karst”

  1. I hope you are making a geological route map John. I am reminded that someone is making geological notes along the route of the TdeF and posting them on a blog. Gets exciting in the Alps. [On my 50in TV]

    • Hi Chris,
      Over the vertically dipping flysch grits and mudstone of the Col de Loepeder through the Pyrenees and down through Paleogene karstic limestone of Basque Navarre.


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