Leveraging value form a rising zinc price

Maybe you can buy zinc like any other commodity in the hope that someone will buy it off you for a higher price in the future.  But for the ordinary investor there is really no option for physical zinc exposure but exchange traded funds or ETFs such as ZINC:LN that are backed by zinc.  More … Read more

Multiple pledging of zinc stocks in China

As credit tightened in China over the last while it became popular to use metal inventories in the warehouses of Chinese ports as collateral for loans.  The problem occurs when dishonest people get involved in pledging the same stock of metal as security for multiple loans from several banks.  Apparently there could be as much as … Read more

Argentina – release the Dogs of Wall Street

Elliott Management owns 27.7 per cent of AIM-listed gold miner Avocet Mining PLC.  Avocet also owes Elliott US$15.8 million dollars.  The loan was due for repayment on the 31st of December last year.  Avocet which owns the Inata gold mine in Burkina Faso and the permitted Tri-K gold project in Ebola-struck Guinea has a market … Read more