Casa Paderborn is a smal Aubergue run by German volunteers. I reached this quaint old hostel on the banks of the Rio Arca after the trek from Zubiri. It was my third day and third stage. I was tired but no aches. Usually the third day is the wall of fatigue regardless of the stage’s degree of difficulty. A group of us including about five young Germans including Konstantine and Esther from Netherlands/USA and a
Dutch guy called Robert went to Chez Avaristo on Calle de la Estafa and we had the Pelegrino Menu del Dia €12. Apparently the bulls run down this street on the way to the Plaza de Torros during the Feria San Fermin every July.

Later we went up to the Plaza del Castillo and I saw Cafe de Iruna where  Hemingway drank. The following day 22nd  I took a day off to recover and sight-see around Pamplona. It was another beautiful sunny, blue-sky day but cold and crisp in the shadows and a brisk easterly with just 6 degrees around 10am but rising to mid teens by early afternoon. After a two course lunch for three with a bottle of wine included free gratis  (€14 each)  in Mentidero Birria, the highlight was a visit to the stunning Pamplona Cathedral.
I bought  ear plugs, camping towel and rubber tips for my hiking poles at Caminoteca. I also bought a good poncho for rain tomorrow.
Next stage tomorrow is to Puente la Reina which is 24 kilometres over Alto del Perdon at 790ml. Pamplona is at 454 ml.

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