From Rioja into Leon Castille

Another 25km stretch to Villamajor del Rio.
Left Albergue Guadalupe in Cirueňa about 7.30pm. Breakfast at a modern boutique hotel in Santo Domingo de la Calzada. Onwards across arable rolling fields to Graňon. There was a  food truck at the entrance to the town with a meal special for €4 per person – cafe con leche,  zuma oranje ana a tortilla. A young English guy called Dashiell Wade after the crime writer Dashiel Hammett. He walked with me for a while. His retired father had a stroke in Dijon two days ago. Dashiel has walked on the Camino through Arles and this is his 45th day. Going well but at my own pace. No beer in Viloria de Rioja. And not just because it is May Day. Met a Dutch guy called Rolf and his wife doing a week hike. Had a beer with them at the Albergue Tienda Villamajor run by a Colombian family.
One of the group a Dutch lady called Esther got a touch of hypothermia after the walk into a strong westerly with the temperature not much above 12 degrees C. Probably reason is that we all sat outside having a beer after the strenous hike and she caught a chill. She could not eat and we got her some hot green tea  but she could not eat.

I got food poisioning from a pollo empanada at Villamajor La Tienda albergue.

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