Stage Nine from hilltop to hilltop.

Long stretch today from the hill at Ventosa and the Albergue Santurnino to Cirueňa on the top of another hill. Cirueňa is like a ghost town. Apartment complexes in the middle of nowhere and many for sale sevende. Breakfast at the Buen Camino Hotel in Ventosa around 7am. Fried egg on lomo all on a toasted baguettr snd then striking out across rolling hills claf in vinyards andcthe snow covered San Lorenzo and Moncayo to the south.

Stopped off at Cafe Bar La Luna on the entry into Najera around 10.45 for a pee-stop and a coffee.

Najera is forgetable and very little to recommend it. It is in a low valley incised into red sandstones.

The climb out of Najera to Azofrawas over rolling country and there stopped for lomo baguette sandwich and a freshly squeezed orange juice with the tunes of Ennio Morricone and Boecelli lilting in the bat.
The final drag over 10km was over rising ground to Cirueňa yo the Albuergue Guadalupe. Run by an eccentric military-type Spanish owner that ordered all his peregrino guests around. Statues of Buddah through the old house and no heating in the rooms. It was a 25km hike today. A mushy unseasoned stew of spanish sausage and every vegetable under the sun was served up with Rioja wine. A bit of handwashed laundry dried quickly in the bright northerly breeze. Had a nice chat with a retired couple from southeast Pennsylvanians after the meal. Turned in about 10pm. Another long walk planned tomorrow to Villamajor with some rain forecasted.

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