Alarm at 6.30am and out of the apartment in Logroňo by 7.15am. Breakfast at La Fontana and then a slog out of Lograňo on asphalt through modern apartment building complexes and parkland. Arrived at 10.45am arrived at Aubergue La Inglesia right beside the XVIthc Church of the Assumption. What sumptuous grand churches for such small modest hilltop villages. 

Had a coffee con leche and a jamon bocadiilo.  Walked 21km to a small hilltop village of Ventosa and  stopped at Aubergue Saturnino. Got one of the last free beds and then had paella and chicken soup at the Cafe Buen Camino. Everything shuts down at 4pm and even the Aubergue does not serve any Peregrino meal. Tired now and ready to sleep by 8pm!

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