Villamajor de Monjardin

Got a private room under the eaves in the attic of a medieval home below the ruins of St Stephen’s Castle in Villamajor de Monjardin Centro. A Dutch ecumenical group runs the Auberge and after the Pelegrino menu del dia (mixta salad and crispy lasagne ) there was an hour of reflective bilingual  meditation – in English and French but not Spanish. An interesting experience. Came down from the hilltop village and strode along a wide valley of large cereal plantations, no streams, rivers or villages until we reached a decaying Los Arcos with a massive Inglesia Santa Maria – astonishing in size and opulence for a now depopulated town of only 1,000 souls. Hips not niggling today. Getting into a rhythm. Stopped off at a cafè in Plaza Santa Maria  a tortilla  cafe con leche and orange juice for €5.50. Onwards across more fields and we could see Sansol seven kilometres away on a rise as I left Los Arcos. Got a bed for the night in the first Albergue called San Andrès in Torre del Rio. It has a small swimming pool! Bunk-bed in a 10 bunk dorm-room and dinner and breakfast for €35.
Walked around this old medieval village linked to the Knights Templar.
Visited the Inglesia de Santo Sepulchra and got another stamp.
Tomorrow onwards to Logroňo.

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